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Freestyle (Sketch or 3D Render, just make it look good!).

You MUST be the author/creator of it.

Proposal Boards

3840x2160 pixels .JPG. 

The selected entries will be published on IG and FB.

IG’s likes will be considered as votes for 48h.

The winner is defined by 

People's Choice (IG's Likes) + Jurors Evaluation.

Monthly Challenge winner qualifies to the

Best of the Year contest in December.

The winner of the Best Entry of the Year 

is awarded with a

Scale Model of the winning proposal.


AGP Entry Selection Criteria​

  • Adequacy to the theme: All prompts in?

  • Creativity: Theme interpretation, prompts mix.

  • Design: Idea, Surfaces, Problem-Solving.

  • Finish: Quality of the final presentation.


Agorapode is a monthly-based car design/concept art challenge, mainly on Instagram.

So, from February to November, it runs challenges.

  • 4th day:  a poll (Instagram Stories) is set where people can vote for their preferred Prompts.

  • Prompt 1 + Prompt 2 + Prompt 3 set a Theme.

  • 5th day:  With the Theme set, we announce the Deadline and the Guest Juror.

  • around 20th day:  Deadline.

  • around the 27th day:  Permanent Jurors and Guest Jurors meet to Evaluate and Select the entries that will be published on the Instagram account.

  • around the 28th day:  Selected entries are posted.

  • around the 30th day:  After 48h the Entry with the best score (People's Choice + Jurors Evaluation) is declared the Contest Winner.

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